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Soon he will reveal his feelings for you!

June 4. Today the card "Knight of Cups" fell out for you
"Knight of Cups"

The Knight of Cups is a card that signifies emotional expression, romantic gestures, and the arrival of heartfelt emotions. This card shows that a person in your life is on the verge of opening up and sharing their deep affections with you.

The Knight of Cups is a symbol of chivalry and romance. This individual embodies the qualities of a true romantic, and their actions and words will reflect their sincere and passionate feelings towards you. They have been harboring these emotions for quite some time, and now they are ready to take the courageous step of revealing their innermost desires.

This person has likely been observing and admiring you from a distance, captivated by your unique qualities and the connection they feel with you. They have been building up the courage to express their feelings, and the Knight of Cups suggests that the time is near for them to make their intentions known.